kel smith

I have been building custom websites for small business and non profits for over 20 years. As a full stack web designer, I’ve worked in design and development since the early days of the internet. My experience in user experience design is matched by proficiency creating custom WordPress solutions.

I love to build beautiful, functional, custom websites and solutions for small business, individuals, and non-profits. I believe that the web should be accessible to everyone, and I pride myself on finding solutions to meet every challenge and budget.

I’ve worked in the web industry as a developer, designer, project manager, and user experience designer. I’ve also worked in community-led organizations that focus on grassroots solutions to local issues. I love finding the intersection of these two fields, designing elegant and simple web solutions for people doing the work on the ground.

I’m proud of the fact that I almost never say “no” when people bring me ideas and their budget. I love working with people to find a way to make things work: no matter what! And I’ve been around the block enough times to have a good collection of tools in my back pocket that can save time and money and still deliver a custom tailored solution for your organization.